Tulou is a round fort-like building, often called the world’s first condominium, of South East China’s Hakka people. Constructed with earth and rice straw, the multi-storied Tulou was used for communal living; families coming together in the circular centre for shared activities, festivities and meals.Its shape was designed for defence, but also conforms to the ancient principles of Feng Shui, creating energy flow,harmony as well as warding off evil spirits. These ‘Earth Building’ were inscribed by UNESCO as a cluster of World Cultural Heritage Sites in 2008.

Chiang Mai’s first Tulou follows this tradition. Using Feng Shui, Tulou as been designed to harness the invisible forces that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as Qi, an energy which flows throughout the building.
Chiang Mai’s Tulou offers an auspicious, harmonious and happy environment, aimed at bringing the community, family and friends together to celebrate life’s joyous moments.Tulou is about sharing and happiness.

In the same spirit as the ancient earth buildings,Tulou is designed to make everyone feel welcomed. Every comfort and facility is available so that guests can enjoy a great atmosphere while dining on delicious regional Chinese cuisine, as well as Thai and international dishes.Our great communal hall has an entertainment stage, perfect for large gatherings. There is also a bar with fine wines, cocktails with a special Chinese mixologist. A Chinese delicacies shop is open for takeaways and specialty or gift items – teas, souvenirs, sharks fin. There are also luxurious private rooms of all sizes and styles, each equipped with its own staff, karaoke, private bar and conference facilities. The “Double Happiness” ballroom is perfect for special celebrations and there is even a honeymoon suite for weddings.Tulou believes in harmony and balance; not just in the atmosphere, but also in taste, service and pricing. Tulou
is your community in the heart of Chiang Mai.