Our Service


Our bar has unique decorations in our own style. It looks luxurious in long shape with various items of drinks and gadgets. We serve fine tea, healthy drinks, cocktails, mocktails and wine in unseen Mixologist and Molecular.


Live Music bands and traditional shows are available on our stage in every special events and occasions. With a big LED TV screen, we play the music and VDO for the lively moment of all customers.


Tulou can serve more than 900 customers by provide luxurious private VIP rooms of all sizes and styles, each equipped with its own staffs, karaoke, and conference facilities. The ballroom is perfect for special celebrations and there is even a honeymoon suite for weddings.


Our shop is open for takeaways and specialty of gift items – teas, souvenirs, Chinese delicacies and BBQ menu, such as Peking Duck, Suckling Pig, Sharks fin, Bird Nest, etc…